Procedures of Distillation Processes

Segregation of waste solvents
Waste will be segregated based on their chemical properties and types i.e. Thinner, IPA, Hexane or Acetone.
Preparation of Treatment Scheduling by Process Engineer
With the type and quantity of solvent identified, he will then create a Treatment Scheduling to dedicate our three distillation equipment for that particular waste distillation process.
Upon approval, treatment of the waste will commence
PS will update the production records accordingly and ensure that other waste not stated in the Treatment Scheduling will not be treated.
Recycled solvent to be drummed and tested accordingly
PS will update the inventory list of our recycled solvents and prepare for the disposal of residue. PE will do tests to check the quality of the recycled solvent to ensure compliance.
Recycled solvent will be stored in holding area for distribution
PS will update the inventory list of recycled solvent accordingly. DO will be raised for any sales of product.