Procedures of Waste Collection

Customer makes arrangement for collection
Customer and Admin Clerk would have to agree on the date and timing of collection.
Clerk to confirm the type and quantity of waste to be collected
Clerk will confirm the actual quantity and type of waste needed to be collected with the Customer.
Preparation of DO with quantity and type of waste written on the actual DO
Clerk will record the agreed quantity and type of chemical waste to be collected in the prepared DO.
Allocation of Delivery Order by PS to Service Technician
PS will brief Service Technician on the quantity, type and company involved for the waste collection.
Collection of waste from Customer's premises
Service Technician would check that the agreed quantity, type and packaging tallies with the DO. In case of discrepancies, he would have to inform the Admin Clerk who will verify and approve before changes can be made to the DO. Customer would have to counter-sign on the DO.
E-Tracking of waste collection
Customer to generate 2 copies of e-tracking. Both Service Technician and Customer Technician signs and one copy is attached to the DO.
Arrival of vehicle at AlphaChem
Production Supervisor (PS) has to ensure that all waste is delivered to 28, Tuas View Loop.
Unload waste at designated area
Process Engineer (PE) checks and collates the waste collection according to the DO and e-track for type, packaging, quantity. The information is then recorded in the stock ledger.
E-Tracking acceptance
Process Engineer to proceed acceptance if there are no discrepancies.
Transfer waste to storage area pending treatment
PE to perform lab test to set treatment processes for waste i.e. PH, boiling point, salt concentration and to set production treatment procedures.